19th May, 2023
Club News


On Sunday the 28th of May we are delighted to host author, game designer/developer and all round Battletech Guru Randall Bills of Catalyst Games! Randall will be at The Gathering all day from 10am running games and meeting fans throughout the day as well as doing a book signing at 1pm. For those who want to know the man a bit more; Randall N. Bills began his writing and game design career in the adventure-gaming industry. With over twenty-five years of experience, he's overseen the publication of hundreds of sourcebooks, rulebooks, boxed gamed, and more. This includes writing a half-dozen novels, lore advisor on HarebrainedSchemes's BattleTech Computer game, and co-story developer for Piranha Game's MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries computer game. His most recent games publications include the Dungeons & Dragons Dragonfire deck builder.

Our last BattleTech BBQ was a huge success were we raised over €500 Feed the Homeless, Sunday the 28th is sure to be every bit as much of a success with our guest Randall Bills helping us on the day. From 10am players will get the oppertunity to play in a trial of position for Wolf's Dragoons/Clans where the player will take their Mad Cat Omnimech up against a Fenris, a Linebacker and a Gladiator over the course of the day to attain their rank. Players will be certified on the day. For those of you not interested in a Trial of Position there will be two Alpha Strike games running during the day as well, also Peter Lasker will be running two 1 hour ShadowRun scenarios where you're trapped in a flooding sea arcology and half 1 hour to escape (there WILL be a chess clock). 

Catalyst artist Ken Coleman will also be there on the day with signed prints and prizes as always and this is a rare oppertunity to half both a Catalyst author AND artist to sign some of your books/art. There will also be a painting competition where you bring your mech and it will be entered and judged by the afternoon. Food will be served from 1pm onwards and if the last event is anything to go by it will be as tasty with very little left at the end of the day. 

All of this is FREE, but people may be asked to contribute on the day to our Limerick Help the Homeless raffle. This is a fun, easy going day where our club members get to come roll some dice and meet a celebrity, meet some old friends so all are welcome even if you've never played Battletech before, this is a great day to meet the community and see the game. 

No Pre-Registration needed, open to all ages. If you'd like to know more about the BattleTech scene in Limerick; contact us on our discord; https://discord.gg/qXVFdstMWt