Celebrating Over 25 Years

Twenty six years ago, I was working in “The Games People Play” a games store in Limerick. I had just convinced several friends to hand over their hard earned cash to pay for a year’s club membership when the shop closed down. Motivated by a mixture of guilt and presented opportunity, but mainly guilt, I decided to set up my own shop. With a loan and a motley crew and over the course of one weekend in February 1997 we transformed a premises on Lower Gerald Griffin Street into “The Gathering Games and Hobby Shop”. There was no electricity, phone or running water, and I had yet to set up any accounts with any gaming companies, but I still recall with fondness the candlelit evening games when laughter was loud and dice rolls were difficult to confirm.

The shop has always had a strict code universally applied whether to boy, girl, old, young, Professor or pauper. Enjoy the game, play by the rules, win or lose shake hands and don’t hover around gamers looking for answers when they're in the middle of a game.

All kinds of people have passed through the doors of The Gathering, played games, made friends, learned a few harsh life lessons, grown up, well, some have merely aged without the commensurate wisdom and maturity. Everyone is welcome. Most are welcome back! All are Gathering Alumni.

After running the shop for a year, I held our first gaming convention, Conclave, in Halla Ide on Thomas Street. This year marks the 25th anniversary of that convention. Twenty five years of cards and models, wargames and board games, and people coming together to battle it out for victory or epic failure. There is a Gathering theory that it’s not if you win or lose, it’s if you can do something spectacular. We have had many spectacular stories and life events over the last 25 years, and continue to make these great stories with the new generation of Gathering Gamers. There are many great tales to be told and photos to be shared. If you have any, feel free to send them to us so that we can share them on your behalf.

Garry Jackson
Founder, Owner Propietor,