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The Gathering is an official Konami store, meaning that each month we have a new Lost Art Card for customers who spends €30 or more on Yu-Gi-Oh Yu-Gi-Oh products.  We host regular Local & Regional events. Check out the  Events & The Club page for details.


The Gathering is one of 3 official Pokemon stores in Ireland. 

With Registered Judges and official events, check out our club page for more.

Flesh & Blood

Released in Oct 2019 by an independant studio  in Auckland New Zeland.

Built by Gamers for Gamers, here is how they describe it 

"Flesh and Blood rewards good decisions, not good luck. With our game, we seek to challenge the fundamental laws of TCG card evaluation and deck building philosophies. It’s highly interactive, with action beginning from the very first turn. The game is built around a unique resource system, underpinning an innovative combat dynamic which has been rigorously tested by competitive TCG fanatics."

"We believe that in a world of innovative technologies, the need for local communities will never go out of date. We’re passionate about supporting local game stores as the heart of TCG communities."


Check out  The Club  for info on local FAB events 

Magic The Gathering

The Gathering has always been a Magic shop.

Keep an eye on our 

  • Events page for upcoming Pre- Releases
  • The Club page for our weekly games.