Conclave Sunday Magic Event

»30 June, 2024
»Thomond Park
Side Events

€ 25.00

As we have seeral different events, these are cossted differently, see below. However if you would like to come to learn trade or play casual games of magic a con ticket will suffice however you can upgrade to a weekend ticket for €5 extra. This is a great opportunity to meet the magic community and both casual and demo games are in abundance. For further details please contact the shop or seamus on our discord. Free entry for the morning tournamet with a con entry day or weekend ticket.



Entry €5 (separate from con entry)


Win a box vintage cube draft 

Cube link tba 

cost €25 pp not included with con entry 

min 8 players required

the winner wins a box of magic boosters set tba

reg 10am-10:30am Start Time 11am 



Draft on demand: Sunday

Entry: €20

(not including con entry) each player receives 3 boosters to draft with and with prizes for the winners.

start time : run throughout the day.


Magic Commander Tournament 

WHEN ALL THE GODS COME TOGETHER (This is a commander melee with a twist)

Entry: €10 (each player receives a booster which they place in front of them. the rules are simple, you kill the player you get the booster)

Magic Commander Format

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Conclave Sunday Magic Event

»30 June, 2024
»Thomond Park
Side Events

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